Finance & Procurement

To further increase our services to the farming people Hazlett Rural Limited have now created a finance sector. This allows HRL clients to have access to specialised livestock financing packages to fund trading and finishing stock.

HRL currently have 3 finance packages available with a HRFP package, HRFP Weight Gain package and an HRFP Alliance Group supply contract. These packages, designed for user friendliness, will apply to both sheep and cattle.

Details on the 3 packages available are as follows:

  • HRFP Package

    Sheep or cattle will be funded by Hazlett Rural Finance with the livestock owned by the farmer. The farmer has complete control over where the stock are marketed. Consideration will be given to funding related costs such as transport and animal health.

  • HRFP Weight Gain package

    Sheep or cattle will be owned by HRFP and clients will be contracted to grow stock for slaughter over a defined period and paid on a weight gain basis. Contract details can vary depending on the market, please call for full details.

  • HRFP Alliance Group supply contract

    Sheep or Cattle will be on a committed supply contract. The farmer receives the sale value less purchase cost, interest and other costs if financed. Related costs such as freight and animal health may be funded.
    Finance Rate: 0% - 7.8% depending on agreement details

    For further enquiries please contact our Hazlett Rural Finance General Manager:

David Hazlett full details:

Mobile/Cell: 027 235 5300


Peter Engel full details:

Mobile/Cell: 027 434 0555

Jo Manson (Admin):

Mobile/Cell: 021 345 956


Wan Yen Koh (Admin):

Mobile/Cell: 03 929 0317


Lisa Stephens:

Mobile/Cell: 03 929 0317


Angus Hazlett:

Mobile/Cell: 027 462 0136



Andrew Scarlett:

Mobile/Cell: 027 4620126


Catherine Wilson (Admin):

Mobile/Cell: 03 929 0317

Susan Lai (Admin):

Mobile/Cell: 03 929 0317


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